Monday, September 29, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~I had to go to a funeral for a not so close family member. I am always uncomfortable with notion of sitting in a room with a dead person. And, for me, people dying is bit more unsettling because I am a nonbeliever in the afterlife. This is your life on this planet and that's it. The End. There's no more. For me, how you spend your life is the most important thing because there isn't anything afterward to look forward to. I know it gives people comfort when they're on their deathbed, but that's not for me. Anyway, it sort of drove me into a slump this whole weekend thinking about the death. 
 ~Trish Stratus: Why is she trending currently on Yahoo? I remember she was a part of that sexy WWF diva stuff. I never found her that attractive. I was more of a Miss Kitty (SP) fan and Leta was sexy to me. I guess Trish is now a yoga person from what I am reading about her. Was she the one that showed her boobs on a live PPV show or was it Kitty? 
~The Simpsons vs family guy: I watched the last 10 minutes of this crossover. First off, I truly think that they really bashed Man of Steel's last battle between Zod and Superman. Homer and Peter turn into mutants and start flying around destroying things in the town. Some people actually die in the battle and both character fly through buildings. I am almost sure they were making fun of Man of Steel. I think everyone wanted to see Peter and Homer duke it out for once. I can't wait to see the rest of the episode. I'm going to check and see if FOX has it online yet.
~Get to the chopper: A man refuses to move his car when a medical chopper tries to land to assist an accident victim: Dude, let them land so they airlift the victim. Why would you refuse? Of course, this happened in Florida. Shocking huh?

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