Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An overview of Starscream

An overview of Starscream
NC has a great overview of this character. Starscream is one of the best/worst characters ever from our 80s show. Why Megatron keep him around? He really wasn't that good of a warrior anyway and would turn on anyone good or bad in a second. However, kids liked his character growing up.
I also remember that they finally killed him off in The Transformers movie from the 80s. Once Starscream threw Megatron's wounded body off the ship, that was the final straw for Megatron/Galvatron. He came back and killed him. That was something he could have done numerous times on the show. Also, the movie jumps ahead 20 years to the year 2005. Uh, Megatron kept Starscream around for another 20 years, even after Starscream tried to build his own army.
20 years of Starscream's bullshit.
He comes back as a ghost two more times on the TF show and then he shows on Beast Wars.
The Bay movies did a disservice to Starscream.
What is interesting is Starscream is very similar to Cobra Commander on GI Joe. Chris Latta  did the voice of both characters and CC ended becoming second in command of Cobra by the second season. Just like Starscream. And, CC was supposed to be written out of the GI Joe story like Starscream, but another studio took over development of GI Joe and brought back CC.
Cobra Commander would actually show up as a villain in the third season of Transformers, thus connecting the two series into the same universe. And this gave Latta more work.  Also, Latta would show up on Star Trek at least three times.  

Yeah, CC (Snake) yelled out Cobra!  I love that bit. 

Chris Latta doing stand up with Shatner as host.  It is actually very funny.  

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