Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kanye West, come on, man

Kanye West, come on, man
What does it matter if everyone some stands up or not? The man is just crazy with his super ego. Man, this is cringe worthy.
Come on, Mr. West.  Shake it off. 
When I heard and read this story, I couldn't believe it first. The two people that “refused” to stand up were disabled. One was in a wheelchair another one has a prosthetic leg.  Was Mr. West going to go into the crowd and "heal" them with the power of his ego?  
 Oh, but it gets worst...
From CNN.com, ((After sending someone over to investigate why the two concertgoers weren't standing, West quickly clarified that "if you're using a wheelchair, then it's fine. ... Only if he's in a wheelchair." ))
Wow, that pretty douche baggy for even him. You had to send someone over to confirm it?
What gets me is the audience boos the two disabled people.
From CNN.com, ((When he spotted two people who still weren't standing, West initially griped, "This was the longest I've had to wait to do a song. It's unbelievable." ))
Shut the F' up Kanye and this is coming from a man that loves his music. That really got to me.
And, here is his foolish rant that goes nowhere.

You're not a bad person, Kanye. You're just an a-hole almost in the same league as William Shatner. I like Mr. West's music, but he makes it hard to like him though.  
Here's a great Kanye West moment or "movement"

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