Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 Guns

2  Guns
Basically, this movie is about guys robbing a band that houses the money of a Mexican drug lord.  With some twists, they discover that there may be more to the money trail.  They find out who are the real people that own the money. 
Pure and simple, this is a part heist movie and part action movie.  And, I almost get the sense this would have been a Tony Scott movie with the edits and slow motion.  And, you can also add Denzel Washington to the mix, so you can get that vibe. Scott passed away a few years ago, so this is a  Baltasar Kormákur joint.  Baltasar keeps the action steady without a lot of shaky camera work and that is a plus, because sometimes Scott would get a little crazy with it. 
There are a few boring moments here and there, but the action is pretty well crafted for the most part.  Where the movie really shines is its two leads AKA its 2 Guns. 
Marky-Mark Wahlberg is surprisingly very good as the “Badass” sharpshooter.  He is rather charming in the role without coming across as stupid or annoying. I truly liked his character a lot.  By the way, there isn’t a love interest for Marky-Mark in this story.  Can you believe it? 
Denzel Washington is great as always.  I really don’t remember a movie he’s been in where he’s phoned it in…even when I’ve hated the movie.  Without giving away the twist, he’s more than what you see at the beginning of the movie.
Together, these two are really cool.  Even when the characters screw up big time, they seem relaxed about it.  Plus, the interplay between Washington and Marky-Mark really makes this movie stand out from the rest of these heist/action hybrids. 
- Paula Patton:  Did I mention that she gets naked in this movie for extended period of time?  Damn, she’s hot.  I’ve always liked her acting.  She’s the amazing woman in MI4.  She is a pretty woman, and I can’t get enough of her. 
- Bill Paxton : Paxton has become one of my favorite actors of late.  He was simply great in Agents of Shield and just fun to watch in this movie.  He’s plays a really bad tracker of sorts looking for the money.  I only wished there were more scenes. 
- You can’t go wrong with a bull attacking our leads and people shooting heads off chickens.  I am not making this up. 
Anyway, there is a lot to like about this little action movie.  There are some interesting directions the movie goes.  I also liked the interplay between the two main leads.  The multiple villains may confuse some people, but I like these types of movies where everyone is after the heroes.  If you’re bored and need to put something on, you can’t go wrong with 2 Guns. 
Grade: B-
 Come on, come on.  Feel it Feel it.  
 I could make a ICP joke, but I fear ICP fans. 
 Game over, man!  Game over!
 So say we all.

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