Thursday, September 04, 2014

I hate to “burst” your bubble (beach-ball), but...

I hate to “burst” your bubble (beach-ball), but...
This guy is my hero.
Yeah, what he did is a little dick-ish, but I can see his point. I hate when people do things like this. If I came for the game, I want to watch the game and not bounce around a stupid beach ball. I hate these crowd activities. When people do the Wave, I am that one asshole that refuses to stand up and do the wave. I hate the wave. It is one of the most annoying things ever.
I'm not a team player or into the group thing.  However, I would have just thrown the beach ball as far away from me as possible or just ignored it as it landed near me, thus telling people NOT to throw in my direction.  That's how I would have dealt with it.  
I love the reaction from the little kid in the green shirt. To be fair, the guy did throw the ball back out after being popped. I'm sure you can still have fun with deflated ball sports fans.
When I searched “burst beach ball” this came up. Why?
This is one of the cleaner photos. I had no idea this was a fetish and a porn thing. WTF?   Rule 34

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