Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Probably the most revealing thing I've ever written...Delete or Publish

Probably the most revealing thing I've ever written...
I currently have a half written blog sitting on my PC and I am wondering if I should publish it or not. It is probably the most I've ever revealed about myself ever on this blog.
However, the other side of me feels I need to publish it given the current trending story about a certain ball play makes this story important and hopefully save some lives.
However, I keep going back to if I should even begin writing about this point in my life. (it will be in three parts over a few weeks, but still...) It is the most personal post I've EVER written.  Doe is even matter?  
I've revealed it to only a select few and actually be damaging to a few.  So, I'm on the fence.  
I'm sitting here looking at the half post. Should I finish it and publish it? Hmm

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