Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is a story about a woman and a motorcycle

This is a story about a woman and a motorcycle
From the Huffington Post, ((A Florida woman is being fingered for lewd and lascivious behavior after allegedly masturbating on a motorcycle in her garage, while the door was open. ))
Really smooth move there, Huff Post. I am usually the one making the charming puns, but you “slid right” in and “beat” me to it. Damn it. Yes, this happened in Florida...again. It is like the mixture of heat, George Zimmerman, the drug trade, turtles and old folks really brings the collective crazy out of people.
I would be shocked by this story if it weren't for Rule 34.
Basically, this Katherine lady was found masturbating inside her garage on top of her motorcycle. In front of the neighborhood...with the door open.
From the Smoking Gun, ((Another Pine Cone Trail resident, Nicholas McRay, told cops that he also saw the woman masturbating while sitting backwards on the motorcycle. McRay, 45, said that “there was kids around and he yelled at the Defendant to shut the door.” The woman, McRay added, “got up and shut the garage door.” ))
It is not know if she finished her “waxing”. Anyway, I've heard of men doing this sort of thing, but not women usually.

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