Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Muppet Show: The Star Wars episode

The Muppet Show: The Star Wars episode
Holy, crap I actually remember watching this way back in the day. I remember every kid talking about the Star Wars characters appearing. I checked the wiki for some interesting stuff. The Holiday Special was only other thing that we got to see actual live SW characters before ESB.
-The sheep counting joke was kind of funny.
-It does feel a little strange to see R2 and 3PO interacting with Kermit the Frog.
-I actually remember the running gag with the sheep too.
-So wait, Mark Hamill plays Luke and Mark Hamil(?). Will the universe fold in on itself?
-Luke is wearing his Empire Strikes Back uniform. That's pretty sweet, but I am sure confusing to younger me, because ESB wasn't released yet, and he didn't wear this in A New Hope.
-I am sure Harrison Ford wanted NOTHING to do with this episode after The Holiday Special. He was even grumpy back then.
-Hamill actually shows off his voice talents by mimicking characters almost spot on. Hamill is known as a very good VO actor over the years, so it is fun to see it here.
-The Fish Song bit: This is very impressive.
-Pigs in Space: Well, you knew the SW people would crossover with this skit. Pigs in Space was a skit that parodied Star Trek, so this is sort of a ST/SW crossover.
-Chewbacca minus his sash: Did he lose it in a bet? It just seems really strange seeing him without it.
-Chewbacca and R2 dancing: I hope to never see that again. JJ, please make sure this doesn't happen.
-C3PO dancing: I am guessing this is a different costume from the one he wore in A New Hope, because he actually moves extremely well. I remember watching the Behind the Scenes of A New Hope and witnessing Anthony Daniels falling down a lot or not being able to move that well.

-The Disney Castle shows up at the end. This is very amusing because Disney now owns both the Muppets AND Star Wars.  

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