Monday, September 08, 2014

Ratchet vs. white dude

Ratchet vs. white dude
This has officially made me laugh.  No one wins in this video, but damn it was funny. 
I saw something like this happen just yesterday.  I was near the U of L campus and witnessed a black dude (perhaps a black hipster) supposedly cut off a black woman inside a store.  The store is very cramped and small, so you have to turn sideways to when walk pass someone.  The woman had a couple children.
She shouted, “You could have said excuse me!”
He came back with, “I did.”
“No you didn’t.  You better show me some respect!”  She was literally shouting from across the store at this uninterested guy.  She kept shouting. 
Who cares if a total stranger does or doesn’t show you respect?  I just think it is a waste of energy to get upset with some guy because he cut you off.  If he took poop and rubbed it in your face, then get angry.  But, this is just some strangely dressed black dude with questionable taste giving you a hard time. 
Do we have to encounter people THAT fit the stereotype?  
 Can't we solve some incidents without shouting and being ratchet?
I'm not talking about the Transformer. 

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