Thursday, September 04, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~The Happening/Fappening: Every time I see the tile of the Fappening throw around by real news outlets, I laugh a great deal. Never has legit news sites used a meme word in such great detail. You know somewhere there is ONE Hollywood person happy about this shit. That is M. Night Shyamalan . He probably sits there refreshing the trending page and thinks that people are really searching for his shitty movie The Happening, but people are accidentally searching for it due to auto-complete. He's probably fapping to the fact people are rediscovering his movie.
~Father of the Year? Justin Ross Harris : Clearly this guy is one of the worst people in the world (In my opinion). He allegedly left his child in the car for hours in the hot sun while he texted and sexted underage girls and legal aged women other than his wife. I watched some of the early court stuff and clearly this guy is a piece of crap, and did a horrible thing. How do you “forget” that your child is in the backseat? You even go back to car and didn't see him.
~Reclining Seats on Planes: For all of tall people with long legs, can the people in front that want to recline the seats back please ask us? I have knee problems when I sit on a cramp plane to begin with. My knees are always touching the backseat. This is the third time recently where a flight had to be diverted over leg room. However, let's not act like an ass when someone reclines a seat either.   

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