Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Boondocks and BET

The Boondocks Banned Episode (Uncle Ruckus Reality Show)

Part II

I knew nothing about this controversy. It seems BET didn't like the way they were represented in a few episodes of the Boondocks.

I love how they turned the BET CEO as a female version of Dr. Evil. BET has turned into such a horrible network that I can see someone like her being in charge.

This episode wasn’t shown in US, but it was shown in Canada. Keep in mind there isn’t anything that controversial about the episode when you consider the episodes that aired before it.

You can read more about the banning of this episode here.

Taken from Wiki,

((There are widespread rumors that this show and a second episode ("The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show") have been banned from airing in the U.S. due to threatened litigation from BET. However, a Cartoon Network representative stated that BET had not contacted Cartoon Network regarding the episodes.[2] Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series, has not issued a statement on the matter. The episodes are said to specifically attack Reggie Hudlin, BET's President of Entertainment, and Debra L. Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of BET Holdings (parent company of BET.) Lee is portrayed as Deborah Leevil, a parody of the character Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, and Hudlin is portrayed as Wedgie Rudlin, a "culturally insensitive buffoon coasting on his Ivy League education."[3] ))

I remember when BET used to have a mixture of black entertainment and social issues shows that dealt with problems in the community. The story is a little off the wall, but pretty much everything about BET is true. At a certain point, BET switched to showing nothing but crap.

I know some say that BET is just as bad as say MTV, but I think it's far worst in subject matter, but not as stupid as Flav of Love.

I just can't believe they tried to pressure Sony into dropping the two episodes.


MC said...

I've seen the episodes in question, and I think that when compared with "The S Word", they were rather weak.

Semaj said...

they aren't as good, but I do like that he attempted to take on BET, because something needs to be done about how badly that station is being run.

But, you're right the S-word is crazy. Interesting enough that happened here in Louisville.

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