Monday, January 26, 2009

Vundo attacked me...

Last night, I got bitched-slapped. I didn’t like it either.

Who bitch-slapped me?

Her name was Vundo, Vundo Trojan. And, she was one mean Trojan horse. It took me forever to get rid of it completely. It’s like a STD for computers. It was the worst virus I’ve ever encountered.

I was sitting in front of my computer checking out a music blog. Out of nowhere, my AVG system started announcing that I had a virus. Even though I never downloaded anything recently, I heard Vundo can sneak in through some versions Java.

I moved the programs into the AVG vault and more warnings came up.

What was going on?

Here’s where it got really nasty: I tried to google the virus and started to run into some major problems with Google. The Virus had changed all of Google’s findings to redirected links. These were links the virus wanted me to click to. And then Google stopped working altogether.

I started to get mad, and switched to Google Chrome because Firefox’s google stopped working. It looks like Vundo doesn’t recognize Chrome yet.

I started to get a strange ‘virus’ protection program that appeared on my screen and it kept asking me to pay for a full upgrade, in order to protect my computer. At first, I thought it was a MS program, but it wasn’t. Vundo created the program, which was the reason for the Trojan in the first place.

I had to download a new spyware program in order to get rid of all the Vundo programs. I first had 34 different versions on my computer. I erased all of them, and another five popped up after another scan. I got rid of those and another 2 popped up. One was in my windows registry. I renamed the last program to AVI and deleted it.

It was a mean little sucker.

Enjoy this video of someone else getting attacked by Vundo


PJ said...

Ouch. I'm so glad I'm a mac user.

Semaj said...

It was a horrible time cleaning my computer of that virus. It was a mean little bug.

MC said...

Just remember to update your Java.

Semaj said...

that's right I need to do that.

Thanks, I completely forgot

Anonymous said...

Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SuperAntispyware to remove this nasty bug. Both are free.

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