Saturday, June 06, 2015

Tandy Computers (I remember those)

Tandy Computers (I remember those)
Seven programs, whoa. Tandy, you're just giving it away now. 
Way back in the day, I remember watching children-based game shows that always had a Tandy personal computer as one of the prizes. If I remember correctly, Double Dare, Carmen Sandiego and Fun House would give these things away.
I was always underwhelmed with that prize. I would have rather gotten the encyclopedia collection instead. Plus, the computers seemed to be shittier versions of the computers everyone else had. No one really liked Tandy computers even the people that owned them. Yes, Commodore 16 users laughed at you. 
 You could also get one from Radio Shack, which they heavily promoted in their stores for years. Heck, you could say Radio Shack without thinking of a Tandy computer. What found amusing is that the Tandy Company stopped making computers in 1993 just before the Internet craze started to take off. They would have been the E-Machines before that brand debuted.
Whenever some egg-head would talk about computers, I believe it is my duty to bring up the Tandy computer.   It always gets a good laugh.  I think it still lives on as a reference due to Strong Bad's first computer was a parody of a Tandy. 
 Also, Bill Bixby (David Banner of the Hulk show) was the spokesman for the Tandy PC. You wouldn't like the computer when it gets angry.

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