Monday, June 15, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay
Well, that looks cool, EA. Please don't screw this up for the SW fans.
-Walker Down: I love seeing the AT-AT take a tumble and fall right up close. We never got to see one of those things fall from that POV.
-X-Wing and TIE fighters in the Battle of Hoth: While I know this didn't happen in the movie, it is cool to see both of these fighters in the VG battle.
-Battle of Hoth music: It's cool they're using the music from that scene. I think it's some of John Williams best.
-Vader shows up! Sweet.
-Will we see the Snow Creatures from the movie that attacked Luke? In deleted scenes, those snow creatures are captured and contained in the rebel best. They are later used to attack the troopers. Will we see this scene in Battlefront?
Did I just catch a Wilhelm scream in the clip below? (1:17 mark)
Did you catch that downed Star Destroyer? Isn't that the same one we see in the second new Star Wars movie trailer?(1:57-1:60)
Check it out...

I think it is the same ship.   So, we're seeing the battle as it happens years before the new movie? 

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