Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Going out yourself: I talk to a lot of people that refuse to go to the movie theater by themselves. This is such a strange concept to me because I spend a lot of time by myself. I forget that most people go out for the social experience and not for the very thing they're going out for. I go to restaurants and movie theaters just for that thing; to eat and watch a movie. I spent most of my life being a loner that I am use to it. Plus, whenever I do take a lady to the movies, which is extremely rare, I end up not talking to her and just watching the movie. That probably explains why I am constantly single. 
 ~Star Trek 4 is happening: Well, Star Trek 3 hasn't even been released yet and they're already talking about ST4. Can we wait a bit until the dust settles, before setting up shot? There was such a major power change behind the scenes with ST3 that I would wait before announcing ST4. By the way, the new movie is called Star Trek Beyond. I kind of like it better than “Into Darkness”. I'm still looking forward to the new Star Wars movie more than ST3.
~Khloé Kardashian, who is she again: For some reason, she ends up in my Google News stuff. And, she is the so-so sister to the famous for being famous sister. Okay, what does that make you?
~Orange is the New Black: Man, I loved the second season, but this season has been very good too. I like seeing the side characters getting their story arcs and background flashbacks. This season, so far seems to be focused on the actual prison changing from a state-run place to a private one. It shows the changes the place goes through in the transition. The season also seems to take a extremely dark path with some serious subject matters, which I won't discuss here. I am not done with the season, but I am close to the end. Oh, and the main character Piper seems to have taken a back seat to the other characters.

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