Monday, June 29, 2015

Mother of the decade?

This may sound like a freaky story made up, but it isn’t.  There is a woman kept her son’s rotting corpse in the trunk of her car for over 10-11 years.  You read that right.  Is this the parent of the year or what? 
On June 6, the cops pulled over Tonya Staton for expired tags. If you're going to keep a decaying corpse in the back of your car, how about keeping your tags up to date? I don't want to help out criminals keep in mind. Plus, the cop noticed the bleach stain on the floor of her car, and he started to notice the smell of decaying flesh.
From USA Today, ((Slaton told the trooper she only had clothes in her trunk, but when the trooper opened it he smelled "rotting flesh," according to the document. ))
I guess she was using “Rotting Flesh” fabric softener.
From USA Today, ((Slaton began throwing clothes on top of the spare tire, which is where the trooper found two plastic bags wrapped in duct tape full human remains. ))
Because, that doesn't raise suspicion. And there was her son wrapped up in two bags tied with duct tape. What a way to go and to have your mother to cover it up for ten years.
It also seems the community and city also failed too. No one questioned his disappearance for ten years? No one questioned his mother or family about not seeing him around anymore? No one asked why she didn't put out a missing person report?
From USA Today, ((No witnesses have seen her son, Quincy Jamar Davis, since 2004 when he was in seventh grade at Virginia Beach Middle School. Davis would have turned 25 this past Tuesday. ))
This might be part of the bigger problem in the black community too. Young black males tend to go “missing” all the time and no one cares. This needs to change.
The other questions I have are these; Why would you drive around with your son's dead body for over ten years? And, did you ever have to take the car to the shop? Wouldn't other people smell the car around her home? Did she want to be close to her child? WTF?

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