Thursday, June 18, 2015

Strange thing happened at the gas station...

As I pulled up to the gas station, I noticed a strange-looking fellow that was a bit heavyset and dressed in a strange tight shirt with a trucker hat. His Faded Glory jeans were a little bit too high for his and their own good. He also wore a backpack that was a bit too big for him. That's a strange fellow, I thought and let it pass.
I entered the station and headed for the energy drinks. That was when strange fellow stopped me in my tracks as if we were old friends.
So, then the guy touched my arm, which I hate, and started to speak total gibberish to me. I mean he was speaking this mumbled language he created himself as if I was fluent in it.
I started to freakout, but had the appearance of calmness.
So, not only does this strange, stumpy fellow think he knows me, he’s having a complete conversation with me.  And, he’s speaking this gibberish as if he’s telling a story with hand gestures and everything. 
At this point, my mind is racing with nervousness.  What do I do?  Do I merely ignore him and take my chances with a total crazy guy freaking out?  Or do I stand there and pretend to like I’m enjoying every stilted non-word?  I had other things to do, so I took a more direct approach. 
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I got to go,” I said pointing toward the energy drinks. 
He continued to talk to me in gibberish as I walked away.  I heard him walking around speaking his language to no one.  He started to swing back toward me and I quickly dashed for the front counter.  I paid for my drinks and gas and left as he started to lumber toward me again.  
I got out in one piece! 
As I pumped the gas, I saw him harassing the store clerks in the station with his gibberish.  I felt bad for them, but I was free. 

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