Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~Rick and Morty: I watched about three episodes and I freaking love this show. The show is so crazy and funny that it could only come from the mind of Dan Harmon. It is kind of a twisted Back to the Future and Dr. Who take. I love this show. 
 ~Chris Brown is being a fool: Supposedly, our dear friend (fiend?) Chris Brown was on a plane and allegedly smoked some weed and then yelled at the flight crew. It was a private jet he paid for and he brought up the amount he paid for the flight. He then proceed to harrass the attendants. This guy's a real class act isn't he? I really hate this guy and no woman should ever want to be around him. 
  ~Casey Anthony Interview?: I hope not. This lady got away with murdering her own child and then pretending like it never happened for a long while. Why would NBC want to interview this chump? I know that network ratings are in the dump, but come on.
~Game of Thrones Hardhome/Thriller remix: Well, you knew someone was going to it sooner than later. It actually works. BTW, here's a reaction video from that episode. I love seeing people's reactions to the battle. And, I love that no one saw this coming.

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