Saturday, June 13, 2015

Punisher on Daredevil

Marvel is finally going to give us their take on the Punisher character. This character will show up on Netflix's Daredevil. And, that's a prefect place to introduce this darker character in the grittier side of the Marvel Movie Universe. Marvel is really doing things right all around
From The Hollywood Reporter, ((Bernthal has been tapped to portray Marvel favorite the Punisher on the series starring Charlie Cox, Marvel announced Tuesday. ))
 Jon Bernthal is from The Walking Dead series from what I've read. I've never seen the show, but the acting receives a lot of critical praise.
Marvel received the rights of The Punisher back just like they did with Daredevil. The other studios really seem to not get the Marvel brand of characters right. And, I am hearing some disturbing things about new Fantastic Four by Fox.
Plus, the Punisher had three movies and three reboots. On some level, all three didn't work. He might fit in on a smaller screen.
I'm guessing he'll just show up in a couple of episodes and then spin off (maybe) with his own Netflix show. 
And, please don't go Captain America Frank Castle or the Frankenstein Punisher  Yes, that actually happened.  Given the direction the Marvel Civil is going, the Cap Punisher might happen.


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