Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Game of Thrones Season Finale Thoughts

Game of Thrones Season Finale Thoughts
-Poor Stannis Baratheon?: He killed his daughter for a divine intervention, but in return he got screwed big time. His wife killed herself and half his men deserted him. I guess this was payback for killing his brother and daughter for his personal gain. 

-Seeing the Bolton army surround Stannis' smaller army was breathtaking. There was a sense of defeat on his face when they loomed over his men. Great moment.
-Brienne: Did she actually kill Stannis? I'm not sure, because we didn't see her actually hit him with his sword. I'm thinking she will spare him.
-Red Witch: I love the total look of shock on her face when she got the news that half the army left. She comes back to the Wall defeated.
-Sam leaves: That's pretty cool. I hope we see in next season.
-Jon Snow Dead?: Yeah, it was brutal to see all those Crows stab in. You would think these guys would put aside their hatred for the Wildlings and focus in on the bigger threat of the White Walkers. I think he is dead, but keep in mind the Red Witch at the Wall. She is a part of that religion that can bring people back to life.
-Lord Varys returns: I'm really liking this character. 
- Arya Stark gets her revenge, but with a price.  It was a bloody scene. 

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