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Even More Trains in Louisville-ish

Even More Trains in Louisville-ish
As you know, I love watching trains and enjoy the sound of them. Since I got a camera, I've decoded to capture a few photos of them throughout the Louisville area. Here are a few. 
La Grange is interesting because it is technically a subdivision track for CSX, but really the amount of train traffic makes it a mainline. CSX has a track that goes completely through the main street in the town area (street-running trains). 

I believe this was leftover from a time when L&N used to let passenger trains travel between Cincinnati and Louisville. This track was formerly owned by L&N before CSX merged a bunch of companies together. I'm old enough to remember when all the trains used to be L&N or Family Line trains.
The single track splits into two at this point beyond the street.  By the way, there is a "No Train Horn" law in this area. 
In the picture above, you can see a CSX train slowly moving through the street.  Note, there are some dumb ass kids sort of walking in its path and the conductor had to blow the horn.  He's allowed to when someone or something is in the way. 

This is a rail carrying train.  I guess it's going to drop off these new rails somewhere up north.  The entire train was flatbed cars full of train construction stuff. 
Here's something even cooler. Just as this train left another train pulled up on the siding track. He was waiting for the green signal. Here's the best part, this was a BNSF(Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway) train on a CSX track. Now, that means this train is operated by CSX employees, but owned by another rail company. In this area, CSX doesn't let other companies use this line. (They do let RJ Corman use it in Louisville). Somewhere up North, BNSF just let them use the train in a CSX area. It's a pass-through train? I'm guessing this train will switch back to BNSF tracks and employees in Memphis. 
BNSF doesn't own any tracks in Louisville.  However, I believe they do operate in KY.  
This was a really cool find.

I just snapped this photo in Louisville near U of L. This is a Norfolk Southern coal train waiting for an Indiana bound CSX train to clear their track.

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