Sunday, August 01, 2010

Random Stuff

Man, these guys are darker than me and I’m black. Lay off the spray tan just a bit.

Random Stuff

~Why did the cast of Jersey Shore ring the bell on the New York Stock Exchange? Did I miss something? Did they accomplish something meaningful to get to ring the NYSE bell? Why are people so into watching these losers on that show? If you want to watch a bunch of D-bags, just go to your local dance club. What kind of culture have we created where these saps get to ring the damn bell?

~Jessi Slaughter beats nearly beats Mel Gibson: Now, that's a headline. Mel Gibson is probably breathing a bit easier now that some of the heat is off of him. It's interesting to see that a 11-year-old girl can beat a stark-raving mad actor with “delusions of Godhood” in Google Trends.

~“Louie”: I really starting to really love this show. It kind of reminds me of his HBO show Lucky Louie. Even his former Lucky Louie wife shows up as different character (Pamela Adlon). It is a nice nod to that canceled show. Adlon was also the voice of the boy on Kind of the Hill.

~I’m listening to the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack. I am surprised there is an actual Blues song on the album! It is pretty good too. The score for the game is both a departure from the earlier games (Jazz and Blues), and right up there with the rest of the FF games.

Yes, the Chocobo song does appear in this score too. It is a strange techno version. It even has vocals this time around with Auto-Tune. I’m not making this up. I actually laughed when I heard the auto-tuned voices. There’s another Chocobo song that sounds like it came out of the 70s.

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