Friday, August 13, 2010

Lindsay Lohan “Fornarina”

Lindsay Lohan “Fornarina”

It takes all kinds. Someone thought it would be brilliant to sign Lindsay Lohan for their company’s ad campaign. I found this little musical gem from's Oddest Celebrity Endorsements.

From what I can tell, Fornarina is a style/clothing company (Web site: Beware of annoying techno music). This ad happened in 2009 and around the time when Lohan needed the money. It is kind of sad seeing her having to lower her self to even this piece of crap for money. (But she did do a bit for that Shamwow guy for his new movie. That might be lower.)

After watching this ad a few more times, I've noticed some things.

-Was this made in the late 90s?: If seems more like an old Sci-Fi channel promo more than anything else or a Max Headroom ad.

-Is this the Pink version of Tron?

-Good to see the drug-out raccoon look is still popular.

-I hardly recognized her in the video.

Yeah, the promotion seems strange and out of place, but this is best music she's ever done in like ever. Listen to her bad Bossy song and compare.

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