Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jay Leno proves once again why he's not funny...

Jay Leno proves once again why he's not funny...

Leno was at a club and told this lame joke about Mel Gibson.

From, (("That Mel Gibson, huh? What a mess. Mel Gibson actually had an uncle who died at a concentration camp... yeah, really," he told the crowd.

The audience remained silent, as Leno repeated: “Yep, died at a concentration camp.”))

I'm not attacking the subject matter, but the fact he goes for a far-reaching joke that dates back to the 1940s. Way to keep it current, Jay. Plus, there is a goldmine of Mel Gibson jokes you can get away with and he picks this one.

Then, he adds this little gem at the end.

((After a few more seconds pause, he sniped: “Yep, he fell out of the guard tower, drunk!” ))


Who in their right mind would pay to see this guy do standup?

Don't worry, we'll make more...


MC said...

At least Doritos are good. Leno's suckage can't diminish that.

Semaj said...

Yeah, but every time I go into a store and see Doritos, I hear that squeaky voice saying, "Don't worry, we'll make more."

Here's the kicker, most young people aren't aware that he was first known as "that Dorito Guy" first. I have to explain it to them.

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