Monday, December 01, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Lazlow Jones from GTA: I love this creepy character. I've been listening to his online show in GTA IV called Integrity 2.0. Basically, he is trying to make an online show without making it a podcast. Podcast were really blowing up during that time. He plays a bigger role in GTA 5. What is interesting is Lazlow is one of the few characters that has the same history in both GTA universes (3D and HD). 
 ~Ferguson: I am really torn by what is happening in Ferguson. Clearly, the cops are running rough shot over the black community there and there is major eruption and bullying. However, I can't support the looting and rioting either. Guess who's community is being harmed? The black community's areas. The cops aren't going to respond as quickly to the looting and riots in the black areas, because these aren't their areas. We have to have a measured response. Let's also address the major problem of black on black crime in those trouble areas too. There are a lot of people that want to just f' some things up for the fun of it and are not on board for the message or meaning behind it. 
 ~Ted 2 leaked trailer with unfinished footage: This is one of the strangest recent stories I've read because I want to know the background behind the leak. Someone leaked a very unfinished trailer of Ted 2 onto the Internet. Almost none of the FX shots for Ted are finished. There is a guy behind a teddy bear gesturing the bear around for Marky-Mark to perform to. I won't directly link to the trailer, but will link to the Reddit post discussing it. I am not sure any of the mirrors are still active though. By the way, no Mila Kunis for the sequel. She was/is (?) pregnant at the time of the shooting. 
~Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: While I don't usually talk about Kim, unless she really pisses me off, I thought I'd talk about the fact there are divorce rumors floating around. I don't like seeing people getting divorced, it will be interesting to see how they spin this considering the marriage has been shoved in our face. Where the first marriage seemed like a scam, this one does seem a bit more a rich people sort of way. 
BTW, that Bound 2 video is rated extremely low.  Most of Kanye's videos are rated high, but not this one.  

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