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The Interview (Part 1 of 2)

The Interview (Part 1 of 2)
Kim is a bro?
 After all the controversy and bullshit, the comedy The Interview has finally been released.  Was it worth the talk and crap?  Was it funny? On both questions, I have to say yes.  Surprisingly, it actually reminded me of This is The End with its sometimes-violent scenes.  It is a mixture of slapstick and black humor.  While I don’t laugh that much with comedies I enjoy (I usually just smile), I found myself laughing a few times and that’s a good thing.  (I watched the movie on Google Play after figuring out you can only use Chrome to use GP.)
Like everyone knows, Dave Skylark (Franco) is a shitty interview guy that does merely fluff pieces and Seth Rogen is his producer.  Rogen discovers that Kim Jong-un is a huge fan of Skylark.  Through hidden channels, North Korea irons out a one-on-one interview with Jong-un and Skylark.  The CIA recruits the two to poison Kim.  And, hijinks happen along the way. 
There are two elements that really are very good in the movie.  One, Rogen and Franco’s friendship really is very well written.  You can tell Rogen and Franco are good friends and it carries into the movie.  They’re bros and they love each other.  The other thing is the relationship between Kim Jong and Franco’s character.  There is actually a bond between the ruthless leader and Skylark that I find rather touching in a strange sort of way.  Their friendship becomes the main plot in the second act.  You almost feel for this version of Kim Jung-un…almost. 
Randall Park plays Kim Jung-un and he’s the breakout character/actor.  He sort of plays him feminine with some hidden ruthlessness thrown in for good measure.  He’s portrayed a kid with a lot of toys, yet he’s isolated.  Like his real counterpart, he’s into western things such as cars and basketball (plus Katy Perry).  Park is great as the “evil” leader.  (You also get a scene with Kim’s ass in all its glory if you’re into that sort of thing.)  His character takes a “heel-turn” later in the movie with a wonder couple of payoffs too and two Katy Perry bits. 
Did I mention there is a cute puppy in the movie? 
Diana Bang plays the other major character.  Bang is extremely fun to watch morph into an action hero from a sort meek-by-the-numbers supporter of the North Korean government.  Being a straight male, it is my duty to say that I found her to be very cute and sexy.  Damn.  She may very well be the true hero of the movie. 
There is a scene early in the second act that I found funny because the lengths it goes it a situation. Rogen has to sneak out of the NK compound and retrieve an item from a drone.  I love how the scene keeps getting sillier and sillier with each added element.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is clearly an Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen scene. 
There are some subtle jabs at Americans too like the NK guards truly hating dealing with the two American guests.  They actually speak insults to Rogen in Korean face to face and I loved it.  The fact the CIA has to rely on two bumbling man-child guys to complete this serious mission is also a nice little jab. 
The movie actually tries to tackle some serious issues later in its act three that are surprisingly relevant in the political climate this movie has created. 

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