Monday, December 22, 2014


  I remember when fedoras were considered cool and a throwback to the olden days. I used to work with a guy at work that wore one of these fedoras...even during the summer time. I kind of hated those hats, but I am more of a hoodie guy myself because it covers everything and keeps the world out (plus it covers my eyes).
I've started to see more and more fedora hating of late, plus some strange/fake youtube comments talking about being offended by something in the video. Now, I find these comments funny, some have started to hate them and created an add-on to combat them. So, I guess we can call it fedora-shaming (trendy)
One thing that is overlooked though is that fedoras actually made a comeback in the mid-late 90s when the swing band craze went into effect.
The best part is the meme sort of started with a picture from the actor Jerry Messing. He actually reveals where it came from. He was doing head-shots and the camera guy had film left. So, he did the hat-tip thing for “fun” and used it for his profile. It is kind of strange that this mere decision launched a million memes. 


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