Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sonic and Knuckles Sandopolis

Sonic and Knuckles Sandopolis
While Michael Jackson's music is all over most of Sonic 3's music, he had nothing to do with the second part of Sonic 3 (AKA S&K). That's probably the reason the music for S&K sounds different and doesn't have that R&B/New Jack Swing sound. S&K and S3 were meant to be one game but had to be split into two games.
One of the few songs I liked on S&K was this one Sandopolis. Here's the best part; Sandopolis Act 2 is a completely different version of the theme. It is much slower and creepier, probably because there are actually ghosts in the later acts of this stage. Act 2 sounds so different that I wouldn't call it a remix like the other stages.
Again, I liked the music in S3 better, but I really like these songs. 

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