Friday, December 26, 2014

Random Things (Single version)

Random Things
 ~Roberto Orci will not be writing anymore of Star Trek 3: Funny how things seem to be falling apart without JJ around. It looks like Orci is slowly being pushed out of the movie. I believe he will be out of the project completely in a few weeks. BTW, Fast and Furious director Justin Lin will direct Trek 3. Now, he has a lot of work to do to clean up all the mess left behind with Orci's departure from the directing chair. I think this is the right decision. Heck, bring in a new director for each movie to keep it fresh. 
 ~Dustin Diamond Arrested?: I hated Screech and I hated the actor behind the character even more. He has tried everything sleazy to stay famous from a shitty porn tape to a bunch of bad reality shows, but getting arrested in Wisconsin. He was carrying a switchblade. Carry any blade of that manner is against the law in WI. Oh did I mention his Lifetime movie about saved by the bell was pretty shitty? I love how he tried to distance himself from the movie after it was released.  

~How the Chinese view The Interview: Chinese movie watchers have their own views on this thing. Some actually like the movie. I haven't scene it yet, but some people felt disappointed with the movie. I love that the movie is being seen though. The relationship between China and NK has been rocky of late.  Namely, New Kim killed off one of China's strongest allies. 
~Karrueche Tran engaged to Chris Brown?: Well, it's your funeral. This man has a history of violence and beating people up. He's going to turn on you and beat the living crap out of you. Why are you still dating him? Yep, he broke up with you on numerous occasions and got back with Rih. You will always be the “other” woman in his mind, Tran. He's your problem now, asshole. Don't be shocked when he turns his hand on you. Stop the victim-hood. BTW, you're cute and can have any man other than Chris Brown. 
 Hey, I'm single...Hey, you're my type maybe we can go out to Denny's and grab a bite to eat?  Do you like videogames?  Do you like bloggers?  Nevermind...

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