Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Taylor Rain selling houses

Taylor Rain is a realtor? Really?
Her name is now Nicole Price (like Vince Offer). She trained in her thong for a realtor card I guess. From what I read, she cleaned up her act and I guess got into realtor market. She seems to really be into this gig too.
For me, I can't get over her previous line of work though. 
 I always got her confused with another pornstar Jenna Haze.
Taylor was notorious for her hardcore movies (especially anal), but she was also known as being openly against interracial scenes. (When as Jenna Haze started doing interracial scenes). Hey, she was open to just about anything but banging a black guy in normal scenes. (WTF?)
Truth be told, she looks really good today.
I'm all for people getting their lives back on track, but the past will always be there on the Internet. (Except for Scientology things)

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