Wednesday, December 24, 2014

About that Michael Brown Song...

 About that Michael Brown Song...
Yes, this is actually offensive. I certainly give the black community a lot of flack not focusing on the real problem of black on black crime. However, no one can dismiss this extremely racist video and further supports why the black community doesn't trust the police. Even I get nervous around police officers because it only takes on shitty cop to bust a cap in my ass.
Why in the heck would someone even bother singing such a racist song in the age of cell phones? Everything gets recorded now-a-days. Just ask Mitt Romney.
From Daily Mail, ((An outraged attendee at the party filmed part of the song when they realized nobody was objected to the new, racist lyrics. Sources told TMZ around 30 retired and serving cops were at the party, thrown by retired LAPD officer Joe Myers.))
Public relations with the police is at an all time low and now this surfaces.
Look, Michael Brown was a thug and part of the major problems within the black community as a whole, but he didn't deserve to be shot down like that. He was unarmed. It just bothers me that police officers can't see that. There is a divide within the black community and there are those that are sick of the crime and drug dealing going on and would like to work with local PD to clean up the areas, but behavior like this makes it harder for us to side with PD overall.

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