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Robert Orci off Star Trek III as Director

Robert Orci off Star Trek III as Director
 Kirk:  "I sense a great disturbance in the force.  It is like a great evil thing has just been dismissed."
From Huffington Post, ((Orci will no longer be directing the upcoming third installment in Paramount's "Star Trek" series, according to Deadline, but he will be staying on as a producer. Orci's reps confirmed to HuffPost Entertainment that he's not directing, while Paramount had no comment.))
I didn't hate Orci like the other Trek fanboys and I didn't really hate him when he had that Kevin Smith-like rant against his detractors. However, knowing that he is off the gig of being director of the next Trek film is okay in my book.
I thought it was extremely poor judgment on Paramount's part to even hire an untested director on their still growing franchise. I'm sorry, but you can't follow JJ with an untested director. Okay, it worked sort of with Nicholas Meyer, but he already had Time After Time under his belt. And, even Star Trek II was filmed on a lean and mean budget after the over budgeted first movie. However, sci-fi movies have a lot of FX and other factors going into making them today. (Sorry, you can't used Frakes or Nimoy against my argument ether, they worked on TV) 
This was really troubling me about the Trek franchise when the studio announced the Orci.   
Why would Paramount do such a thing? It just seemed self-sabotaging on their part.
Well, it looks like someone came to their senses and either booted Orci or he left.
At this point, you need a director with a strong vision and someone that is willing to take up for that vision too. I heard Edgar Wright might be the one to replace him. Here's hoping so. Wright knows comedy and filing with heavy special effects. Plus, I think his vision would fight right in with JJ's first two movies. Plus, he's a fanboy.
Make this happen, Paramount. 
And, because I like Alice Eve, here's that famous underwear shot. 

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