Thursday, December 04, 2014

Suicide Squad movie cast

Suicide Squad movie cast

I read about the list of cast for the new DC Comics movie Suicide Squad. I've been very critical of DC's choices in the past, but they sort of got it right for this upcoming movie it seems. The Squad is comprised of DC's bad ass villains working together. The government forces them into missions that they deem expendable.
Here they are. 
 Will Smith=Deadshot: I am okay with this choice. He has that vibe about him. My only problem the studio is going to have to keep Smith's strange religious ego in check and keep his demands in check. Deadshot is like a cross between Deadpool and Deathstoke. He's more refined than the other two. 
 Tom Hardy (Bane formerly)=Rick Flagg :I know nothing about this guy and I am a DC guy. He will be the leader of the group.
Jared Leto=Joker: I can see him being the Joker. I am surprised I never saw this before. He could very well steal the show with his performance. It also depend on his makeup too. 
  Margot Robbie=Harley Quinn: I am really impressed with this one. She really looks like Harley. She has that look and she's stunning too. Here's hoping they go for the recent video game design version of the character. 

Jai Courtney=Captain Boomerang: It depends on which version of Boomerang they go with. The original one was kind of a joke.  Looking at Jai, it looks like they're going for a younger version like the picture above.  
  Cara Delevingne=Enchantress: I know little to nothing about her. She uses magic. That's all I know. Some people might have a problem with her busty outfit though.

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