Friday, August 22, 2014

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Damn you, Taylor.  I wanted to hate you, but I actually like this video and I like the damn song.  I honestly smile when I see this video.  It’s actually fun and catchy. 
Visually, it is cute and jumpy, but not in an annoying way.  There are many pop cultural references in the video.  I will list them in the lower portion of the post. 
The song clearly has a swing band sound to it and is further proven with the swing band appearance in the song.  The song feels like a throw back to 50s and the 80s and 90s when this sound came back in style.  It has a Toni Basil feel to while have a strong hip hop and pop feel as well.
-Are there a few Kanye West jabs in the video?  The ballerinas seem like they’re from that video.
-Twerking and Taylor Swift:  I thought I’d never utter those two concepts together, but here we are.  Yes, she’s clearly take a jab at Miley
-Underwear ads?  I get the feeling they’re making fun of those underwear ads where people in underwear dance around. 
-Daft Punk?:  Those space suits look familiar. 
-Did you think you’d ever see Taylor Swift crawl through the legs of twerking women in short shorts while looking up?  Damn. 
-Did I see a “Hey Mickey” reference? Also, I am waiting for someone to mash this song with hey Mickey. 
-And, those people claiming this is “racist”, sorry, that’s not true.  Move on. 

 Please tell me this is the "Safety Dance".

 No comment.  The photo just speaks for itself.  

 I am not sure what you're going find up there, so use safety glasses. 
 "We be jamming yo.  Hipping and hopping like a bunny." 
 Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey  Hey Mickey
This shit is bananas.  

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