Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Things (fart)

Random Things
~Michael Brown shot from the front: You it is interesting that the squad car didn't have a camera. Anyway, it has been discovered that Brown was shot six times from his front. This means that Brown was either giving up or getting ready to give up. Was Brown an angel? Nope. I would have hated the guy, because the man felt like stealing from a store. Does that mean he deserved to get shot over jaywalking? Nope. And, the overreaction from the local police is just shocking. It almost feels like a dick measuring contest. I'd be the first to attack the black community over many issues, but the total disregard for life by the PD is troubling.
~Chris Pratt back in the day: I love seeing these old photos. In his younger years, he lived in his van. He posted this on his Facebook page. I also like that he worked for Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. That is very fitting that he became an actor. Yes, this company is real now. I could live in a van more so than living on the street.
~Sega Saturn Promotional video:
I've posted this before, but I wanted to post it again.
I've been digging up a lot of video game stuff from the Saturn/Playstation/N64 days. It is an interesting time in video game history. This was the era that got me back into Vgs again. Namely FF7. I do feel the Saturn was greatly mismanaged, and helped bring down the Dreamcast in the process. Sega of Japan really didn't want to compete with Sony and Microsoft. SS was a hit in Japan, but not in the rest of the world. Dreamcast was a hit in North America.
~Let's talk about farts: It is just me, or aren't your farts smellier and louder as you get older? Man, I can rattle a room with my thunderous butt gases. I could probably create a gas giant with the amount of farts I produce. Damn. I probably need to take some of those fart destroying pills.  Can we sweeten our farts? 


MC said...

This whole Ferguson thing is just a mess, and it has been since the beginning. I am sure I am going to say/post a bunch of stuff you already know, and for that I am sorry.

I was having an argument with someone on Facebook over the weekend where they were believing the cop's story over that of 4 witnesses because he was a "criminal" and would have had motive to try to grab the sidearm of a policeman sitting in a patrol car over 50 dollars worth of tobacco and jaywalking.

I regret not turning that back on that person and asking them if they themselves would do that if they were in a similar situation, if they would go for a policeman's gun after shoplifting... I would expect them to say no emphatically to that, and then I would have posited, if you wouldn't do that in that situation, why would you expect someone else to do that, to have that be their go-to thing in that situation?!

The news coverage has also led me to really have grave doubts about the major news networks in how they frame and shape stories, because seeing how they present things vs how people on the ground are telling it... they are two vastly different stories, especially at the beginning. Twitter is huge right now for this, as it is allowing a lot of people to get video and information out from the area, especially since the police have tried to keep reporters away from the area.

The networks were framing it as violent protestors vs slightly overzealous cops... and I've watched livestreams of the events, especially last Wednesday, and that was not the case at all. But that is how the news networks framed it if they even covered it. That seems to have changed a bit as their own reporters started getting attacked, but I think I will always question their objectivity more than I ever have before.

Seeing the police tear gas an Al Jazeera remote before it began so they could tear down the setup, or watching a live stream where a camera man for a local radio station with some night vision is filming the police slowly moving down the street, not telling people to disperse, but repeating over and over "Turn off your cameras" before shooting tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets at a peaceful crowd in a residential neighborhood, and seeing the police trying to push Amnesty International out of the area (which, according to Twitter, is the first time AI has worked on American soil), it just tells me the whole situation is fucked from top to bottom.

And now there are shitheads from the RCP running around trying to agitate the situation.

It is just plain ugly out there.

Semaj said...

I hate that people keep using the criminal angle with issue and now they've dug up the weed angle. This was the same thing they did with the Trayvon Martin thing. Weed doesn’t make you violent, yet the far right uses this on any person of color in these situations. There have been some discussion about the whole shoplifting thing and he wouldn't have gone for that guy's gun in my opinion.

The keeping reporters away is probably one of the things that angered me the most. The McDonald's incident really pissed me off. They arrested these news guys and didn't charge them with anything. Given they're from huge companies, I'd sue the hell out of the PD.

Given the state of new media all around, I've lost a lot of hope in their objectivity, (Fox I am looking at you). The way that FOX has gone out of their way to frame it in a different light is troubling even for cynical I.

Things have gotten worst with news of a certain Indie gamer dev and game news people, but that's a whole story for another post that I am not even sure how I am going to frame due to massive copyright take downs and clamping down of the story.

I know I shouldn't be saying this stuff due there is still a small sliver of hope I could be a member of the media. (That hope is quickly fading)

And, this RPC, which I had no idea was happening on the scene, is really troubling too. Have these guys been starting trouble in other peaceful events? I always hate that people are forced to deal with people that want all out “war” mixed in with people that want just “change”.

This happens all the time. I'd love to find out if these guys were also a part of the more meaner aspects of Occupy movement?

MC said...

"Things have gotten worst with news of a certain Indie gamer dev and game news people, but that's a whole story for another post that I am not even sure how I am going to frame due to massive copyright take downs and clamping down of the story."

I think I know which figure you are talking about. I think you should email me about this.

Semaj said...

Sent out. The story is really loaded and I am probably not going to touch at the moment, because it isn't really that mainstream and I could be a target from both sides.

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