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Sony and Nintendo: Their strange relationship

Sony and Nintendo: Their strange relationship
A Super Nintendo disc drive? Nice. I've talked about this before. This is an interesting video that details the strange relationship between Sony and Nintendo. This sums up that rivalry pretty good. Also, there was also another story going on with Sega behind the scenes when Sony and N were working together. (Someday, we'll get the story behind the whole Xbox One history.)  Mad props go to the maker of this video.  
It is interesting that N really was uneasy about CD and DVD rom based systems and it took the Gamecube to get them to that point, despite the limited space of their discs. (1.5 GB)
-Sega CD: Yes, this probably is the reason N got cold feet and dropped the Disc drive system.
-Yes, Sony and Microsoft seem to have a better relationship than N and Sony. One of the lead guys from MS admitted he owns a PS4.
-The FF7 move to PS1 was probably the final straw in their relationship. There are still some bitter feelings between the two.
-Sony wanted their publishing rights: Why didn't N bother reading the finer print? They pretty much gave away their publishing rights to a new company in the gaming market. N is known for clamping down on publish-rights.
-In comes Philips, this is part of the history of that most YouTube people know about through YTP videos. This was a leftover outgrowth of the Sony/Philips/Nintendo deals.
-Weren't the prototypes called the Nintendo Play Station, instead of PlayStation? This caused a lot legal battles too with both companies claiming they owned the name. I'd love to see a Nintendo Play Station up close.
-64 DD: This came out much later and didn't get a release in the US. This was a direct development due to cheaper dev cost with CD based games. 64 DD was a zip drive more or less. Early on, many games were supposed to come out on this format, but got downgraded (upgraded) to N64. However, Nintendo America wanted nothing to do with the DD just like the CD upgrade.

-Sega shit their pants and released the Saturn early and screwed up everything in NA.  

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