Friday, August 29, 2014

Robin Williams, depression and anger...and Zelda

Zelda Williams (Robin Williams' daughter)
This makes me cry every time I watch this video. You can clearly tell he's proud of his daughter and she's truly loves him. You can't fake that. Williams was a major fanboy, something I didn't know until after his death. I knew he was into pop culture. He named his daughter after the main female character of that series. I never had good or even fair relationship with my father and I still have a lot of anger for him today. I look at people that have and had full loving family with jealousy. What kind of person would I be if I had that relationship with my father?
Now, my father keeps trying to contact me via cell phone and I refuse to even pick up.  I am aware that he is is in poor health and has to use a cane to get around, but I can't let go of that nearly 20 years of hatred.  I know he feels guilty for being one of the worst fathers on the planet, but I can't make a peace with that and give him piece of mind.  I can't do that.  
Given the currently state of my depression, these videos have gotten to me. Robin Williams has been on my mind a lot. If a guy that had this many people that loved him and had the money to treat his depression didn't make it, what chance do I have? Like I said, I've been in a foul mood this whole week and pretty much cut off few people I have any interaction with, so this has been on my mind.

F' it, now back to me making fun of things, hipsters and making poop jokes.
Anyway, here are a few other videos.

I disagree with her. I like both type of games. Linear and Non-linear (open) games are both good. Tech now allows us to have open-ended worlds. And, worlds that keep going on after the game has ended (GTA5).

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