Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hover Hands (The Return)

Hover Hands (The Return)
Damn, you hover hands!
I've seen this expression before right before I hear, "I only see you as a friend..."
I've said too much.  Deleted. 
From the Urban Dictionary, ((Hover Hands is the term given to the physical gesture when someone (generally a young male) pretends to be putting his arms around the shoulder or hips of a woman. ))
I love the whole notion of Hover Hands, and I also like the sites that posts this meme. With all the booth babes and female costume players, awkward nerds and geeks are going to get around. I would like to post some newer pictures from this meme for the kicks.
Throwing in attractive hot girls and awkward geeks isn't always a good mix.
I am actually a person that hates being touched and hates touching people, so I would “hover hand” regardless. Also, I loathe taking pictures.

 While I like the Vampire tie, I am not sure if he's posing with his mother or his cousin.  
 Ah, yes, even the much cooler hipster variant geek/nerd can also preform the ritual of hover hands. 
 XBOX?  Come on, are you supposed to be the alpha males of the gaming world with your CODs and Madden games?   I'd see this happening with a Wii shirt wearing player.  
You're doing this on purpose.  
 Hover hand be damned, there's a freaking bear behind them!  Run, run!. 
 You don't win any points anyway, because of the Monster Energy drinks.  I am not sure which one taste worst, Rockstar or Monster.
 Stereotyping the stereotype.  It is like the Inception of nerds. 
 Yes, there is hover handing going on (girl on girl) , but I am ignoring the extremely attractive women for the damn fries.  They look very tasty right now.  

Read his shirt:  You do realize you're not black?

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