Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fun with YouTube Comments

YouTube Comments are great...not
I was watching the end video of somebody beating FFVIII in a let's play. It was suggested to me via a listen to the music from the game. FF8 has some really good musical tracks, esp in the final battle .
I started digging through the comments and came across some really (truly-truly-truly) amusing comments. I think this comment section has a wide range of amusing things to point out, so here we go.  
D Clement says, ((this game really, really sucked. ))
I always love when someone leaves a comment declaring that they thought the game sucked. They watched a 40+ minute video and left this under the video. That's very insightful, asshole. Why in the hell did you waste 40 minutes of your time just to leave this simple comment? Don't you have anything else to say? Give us reasons why it sucked? I review bad movies, but I have more to say about the movie other than it really really sucked.  
What this is is "shitting on someone's ice cream cone" just to do it.  Hey, he's having a great time eating that ice cream.  I am going to go over there and shit on it to remind him other people may not like ice cream.  However, I won't give him valid reasons as to why other people hate this ice cream. 
Pelphrey says, ((You sorta suck. ))
If someone told me I sorta sucked, I'd feel good about myself. That means that I am right in the middle of being good and sucking. I just have to put more effort into either column, like the Paragon/Renegade stuff in Mass Effect. I love the LP'er's reply.
Stratton ((I shut this off near the end when he referred to the female boss as a "dumb b*tch". I don't believe women deserve that kind of language, and I reckon that any female viewers you may have left oughtn't to stand for it either. Totally inappropriate. Shame on you. ))
Oh, boy. Here we go. First off, this fictional character IS the main villain. She's basically caused many wars and killed a bunch of people. She is intent on killing you and your crew. However, you get upset with a LP guy calling the main villain a “bitch”. Uh, she is a bitch. So, are the villains in Xenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross and FF7.
Second: Do you police the female LP'ers that call female characters bitches too? Do you leave a similar comment on their videos? Something tells me you don't.  Heck, what about watch-dogging the whole LP community on what proper words to use? 
I've used the term bitch many times for both men and women, but this shouldn't be an issue when you're dealing with a fictional villain! Damn, we've made issues and crusades out of every little thing. And, this is coming from a blogger that makes issues and crusades out of everything.

And, the “shame on you” just makes me laugh. I am halfway temped to subscribe to Mr. Stratton for shits and giggles.  
Save these attacks for someone that actually refers to real women as bitches and attack them.  There's a big difference between a fictional character and a real person.  

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