Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge guy gets arrested

Ice Bucket Challenge guy gets arrested
Again, the whole point of being on the lamb is to keep a low profile, not making viral videos. Damn, are criminals so stupid that they have to bee on the web at all times? You have people in hiding making Tweets and other people with warrants doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. The whole point of avoiding the law is avoiding attention.  Putting it on a video site defeats the purpose of hiding from the fuzz. 
From The Huffington Post, ((Jesean Morris, 20, was arrested in Omaha on Friday for a parole violation after he posted a video on Facebook showing himself undertaking the "Ice Bucket Challenge." ))
Something tells me he doesn't really give a shit to the ALS cause...unless it is at gunpoint. He's more likely to rob the damn cause than help it.
When you have people doing the ALS challenge that were responsible for removing funding for the cause doing videos, this meme might have reached its end. Plus, you have ass-hats like Sarah Palin doing the video. She might have successfully played out the meme.

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