Thursday, August 28, 2014

9 year old shoots and kills gun instructor

9 year old shoots and kills gun instructor
Why in hell would you hand a Uzi to a 9-year? Better yet, why take a 9-Year to a gun range? I am actually for gun ownership, but there has to be a cut-off for kids having and owning guns. We don't let them handle alcohol or drive cars, why would we let them shot off guns?
From GMA, Yahoo, ((As the girl pulled the trigger, the recoil caused her to lose control of the gun, with Vacca accidentally shot in the head, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said. Vacca was flown to University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. ))
This girl is going to have to live with this accident for the rest of her life. And, I partly blame the parents for this shit and the gun folks for letting a little girl pick up a freaking Uzi gun. Has the gun culture gotten so out of hand that we now want our kids to learn how to “stand their ground”?  To bust caps into someone?  

We attack video games when see someone go insane with a gun killing-spree, but what about this shit?  
And, you let a tiny little girl handle an Uzi? Really? Both the parents and the company need to be investigated. However, we are fully aware nothing will come of this.  This is sickening.

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