Friday, August 15, 2014

DJ gets fired by Kanye West

DJ gets fired by Kanye West
I love failure, but I love it even more when it is on a grand scale. It is like this DJ Mano WANTED to make Kanye West look bad. The best part of the clip is hearing Kanye get pissed when the DJ forgets to bring the music back. And, he just ignores Kanye's response, even when he mentions him by name!
I guess Kanye had enough and fired him from the tour. I don't like Kanye West's ego, but I think he had a point here. The best part is the response from DJ Mano in return.
From his Twitter page, ((gonna have a fun day blocking these kanye stans that are happy i don't dj 4 him anymore hahahahaha! ))
Okay, that wasn't bad, just a bit troll-ish.  However...
((a lot of u fans are low key gay and want more than a fan/relationship with the men they look up 2. ))
Smooth, love the way he calls the fans of Kanye undercover gay people. What are you, like 12? Don't answer that, because I am a guy that makes poop and pee jokes on this blog. Anyway, you were working for this concert, what does that make your twisted logic?

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