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Guardians of the Galaxy (Part 2 of 2)

 Guardians of the Galaxy (Part 2 of 2)
Yes, somehow, the powers that be managed to make a movie out of one of the strangest Marvel books out there.  There is a balance between making it mainstream and keeping the quirkiness of the story.  Yet, it also builds upon what has come before inside the Marvel Movie Universe.  Will we see any appearances from these characters in other Marvel movies? 
For some, the villain doesn’t stand up to the outstanding group of heroes.  And, Ronan is a bit of a bore in some scenes.  However, I like that he’s sort of a terrorist killing people on the outskirts of the galaxy.  Some of his henchmen/women were also not breakout characters, and it feels like there were scenes deleted from final movie.  However, I did like that this main bad guy is/was working for Thanos.  And, Thanos is the grand villain that is the bigger threat to the MU just like his comic book counterpart. 
Ronan does have a few good moments toward the very end of the third act though. 
The Collector is the other interesting character that showed up at the end of Thor 2.  He has a darker side only touched upon in this movie.  Are we going to see more of this character?  And, did you check out all the things and creatures he collected? 
The world of GOTG is very much a cross between Trek and Wars.  The creatures are colorful and strange, but seem normal in the context of the world.  Both DC and Marvel both have a thriving intergalactic society.  This movie does a better job with the overall intergalactic community than say the Star Wars prequels.  
Guardians of the Galaxy is a nice action/comedic romp that everyone that loves sci-fi media should see.  The CGI and the old school music play a hand in the sheer enjoyment the director and writers have for this material.  The movie knows the notion of a walking tree and a talking raccoon are silly and make note of that at every turn.  Rocket and Groot are interesting characters, probably more so than the live action ones.  Sure the villain isn’t well defined as other comic book movie villains, but that’s just a minor issue.  GOTG is a fun movie and here’s hoping for another one. 
“I am Groot.”
Grade: B+

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