Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Comcast Fail...again...again

Comcast Fail...again...again
At this point, the company is just a joke right?  Hey, if we keep him on hold, he will give up on leaving our services.  Smooth, move, Comcast. 
Yes, they put this guy on hold as they're cancellation offices closed.
The sad thing is Comcast will be buying Time Warner Cable, which I am a member.  Why is Time Warner getting out of the cable business?  It doesn't make sense when you consider that they could make even more money by staying in the business.  
I really hope they get their act together before the buyout. The customer service is horrible and even more so over this past year.

Comcast is like the Xbox One of cable services it seems. EA, you might have some competitions in the Worst Company of the Year Award.  

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