Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shatner is Twitter

Shatner is being an ass again 

Twitter is pissing off Shatner. Of course, it is because of fame or being popular. Some guy named John Colucci was verified on Twitter and Shatner threw a hissy fit (also this guy mentioned Shatner on Twitter, which got his attention)
The man is acting like teenage girl even at his age. Shatner, it doesn't matter how famous you get on Twitter, because it's twitter. It's a place where you "Shat" out 150 characters. 
 I've read about the way he treated his cast mates on the show, but now we get to see his asshole-ness in true real time. There is something troubling knowing that Captain Kirk is all in a huff about Twitter and Facebook. This is the same guy that fought a Gorn and a bunch of Klingons.
If you read Kirk's tweets, he comes across even worst and petty. Maybe this is the Mirror Universe Shatner?
Come on, Bill, you're 83 years old. Having a good standing on Twitter shouldn't matter. Did I also mention he has a Tumblr? Crap.
To be fair to Mr. Tek War, he did give his side of the story on

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