Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

~I just love when the big bosses at work demand respect. Not going to happen. This one member of management marched into our plane and yelled at us.

“All I ask is that you guys take it up a notch, show some intensity. Come on, do want me to come in here everyday?”

Nobody cares what you do everyday.

I’ve cussed out management before, but yesterday I wasn’t in the mood. Maybe next time…

I hate my job

~There are geeks and then there are supergeeks. These guys make me look like the "cool guy", oh boy.

~Road rage will someday take over so much I’m going to put my fist through my windshield.

~Early in the morning, I actually left for school an hour before class, (Since I live in the East End, on good times I can make it there in 15 mins), but today 71 was completely backed up. Some car crash. So I made it to class late.

~Man, I’m still feeling that late night writing run I did Sunday, all on 2 energy drinks. My eyes were so wide that they started to hurt. Surprisingly, all my writing buddies said it was some of the best writing I’ve ever done! I have an Idea…

~Soul Plane sucked!

~Any sentence that starts with, “My boyfriend…” just plain sucks.


Anonymous said...

UPS management? Respect? ha!

energy drinks take me to a new dimension. They're awesome.

Save your fist for ramming it down people's stomachs.


Glitch said...


Semaj said...

Energy drinks kick ass, too bad they only last a certain amount of time.

Yeah, Glitch my day completely sucked. I basically yelling at car, from the safety of my car.

I hope tommorrow is better.

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