Sunday, October 02, 2016

Luke Cage: First Thoughts

Luke Cage: First Thoughts
Yeah, the first season premiered on Friday and I watched the first four episodes. It has its own vibe from everything else in the MCU. However it does fit in with the rest of the Netflix series of shows. I am really digging this show.  
-Black Exploitation Feel: Even though it is set during our current times, it has a 70s feel to it with the way people talk and walk. Even some of the music has a Superfly/Shaft feel to it. It is a modern day exploitation show/film.
-The Incident: Like the other Netflix series, there are a lot of references to the first Avengers movie an the battle in New York. This has has a major impact to all the TV series based in the MCU. So far, you also get a Tony Stark shout-out.
-Smooth as ice: I like the way they handle Luke Cage and his position on intervening. Given how sensitive we are about sex and sexually, it is refreshing to see a hero that does like bedding women and has women throwing themselves at him. Besides Tony Stark, he is probably the superhero that gets the most booty in the MCU. 
-Old School Outfit: There is even a reference to the old and goofy look of the original Luke outfit. Cage even remarks how silly he looks too. I love this bit.
-Great Female character: It is interesting to see a black female character in a positive, You don't get to see this on TV or in movies that much.

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