Friday, October 14, 2016

Bill Withers: Lovely Day

Bill Withers: Lovely Day
I had totally forgotten about this classic song until I reheard it on a rewatch of Roll Bounce. I loved this song growing up and it brings back memories of a more laid back time. I enjoy listening to Bill's laid back voice.
Did you know that Ray Parker Jr. played on this track? Yep, the guy that the Ghostbusters song. He played Guitar.
And, this song is famous for the long note that Bill holds at the end of the song. I've tried holding the note, but I always find myself out of air. I can hold the other ones, but not the super long one (18 seconds).
There was another version of this song that came out in 1987. It was called the Sunshine Mix. They added all the annoying stuff from the 80s into the song and it became popular again. I am not a huge fan of this mix.
Maroon 5 did an very good version of the song with more strings. Check it out. I like this version too.

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