Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Supergirl (season 2) thoughts

Supergirl (season 2) thoughts
The first episode is probably the best episode of the show I've seen since the Flash/Supergirl crossover.  This is classic Superman and Supergirl except with newer costumes. Why is it that DC TV seems to get it right, but the movie division can't? 
Superman would show up off screen or in the distance in the first season, but now they are bringing him in front and center. 
-Tyler Hoechlin is my Superman: He is a cross between the animated and the 70s/80s Superman. He plays the bumbling Clark Kent well and has the right amount of coolness when playing Superman. I know people are talking about giving him his own show, but I think he works better showing up here from time to time.
-Supergirl and Superman: I love seeing these two together. They have good chemistry together. I love seeing them work like a team right off the bat. Melissa Benoist works well with other superheroes.
-Superman The Movie and Superman II “happened” in this continuity: There are references to the final act of Superman 1 and Luthor's arrest. It is a nice nod to the 8os Superman movies. So, similar plot points happened in this continuity that came from the original series of movies. Very interesting.
-Miss Teschmacher!!!: Yes, this was a callback to the old Superman movie with the same name. Teschmacher worked for Luthor in the old movie, but works for Cat Grant in the new show. Another writer brought up an interesting point about her being an Luthor plant or it could be a clever reference and nothing more.
-Will we see Otis show up too? “Sorry, Mr. Luu-Thor.”: Given how bright and fluffy this show has become, why not have Luthor's goofy assistant show up? 

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