Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Laci Green (Learn2Law)
Really. Laci? You put a strike (inquiry) against a woman's YouTube channel over using your image on a thumbnail. Uh, part of your channel uses thumbnail of other people. As far as certain political sides go, I probably lean toward the left more than the right, but this has me troubled about the left when shit like this goes down.
Copyright shouldn't be used as weapon. We literally have Jim Sterling being sued by a shitty indie video company for stating his own opinion. How about Bold Guy suing H3H3?
I love she could have destroyed this other YTer's opinion instead of striking her down. I have numerous left leaning views and you can debate the right fairly well, but striking down someone you don't agree with seems like a new low.
Here's the kicker...I actually like some of Laci Green's educational videos!. Ijust think she stepped into it with this copyright thing. She picked the wrong time for this to go down.
With her channel using all the thumbnails, the fact she doesn't get the irony is priceless.
Green did a response video to Phil's video.

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